Stop Smoking

Want to quit?

Talk to your GP,

or Contact Quit Ready Leicestershire

This service offers free and confidential text, phone and web chat advice. For more details visit or call 0345 646 6666

Advisors from Quit Ready Leicestershire will be in touch – via telephone, text message, webchat or email to offer support on a weekly basis during the 12 week programme to ensure people have the best possible chance of staying smoke free.

The Service runs from Monday to Friday (9AM-7PM) and on Saturdays (10AM-2PM)

GPs are delighted to help people who have decided to quit smoking. About 40% of smokers will die from a smoking-related condition, so they know that stopping is one change that will make a big difference to your life.

Patients will see health benefits within days, such as improved taste and smell, while important benefits, such as lower risks of heart attack, stroke, lung cancer and improvements in breathing will happen in the first year or two.

Your GP will probably have been chasing you to stop smoking if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, circulation problems or history of stroke, heart attack, angina, asthma or chronic lung disorders.

There are excellent local NHS stop-smoking services. These NHS services are very good at tailoring treatment to your lifestyle habits. With medication and the support of these services, you’re four times more likely to give up successfully.

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