Registering With Us

To register with the surgery, you should live within our practice catchment area. You can check if you reside within our catchment area by using the map below.

Catchment Area

You will be asked to complete a new patient questionnaire together with an NHS registration form. We like all new patients over the age of 6 to book any appointment for a health check within one month of registering. Please bring a sample of urine to the appointment for testing.

Please complete the online form below if you wish to register with our practice.

You will need to demonstrate that you are eligible to join our practice by fulfilling the following criteria:

  • That you are ordinarily resident in the Uk. This means that you are lawfully living in the UK and have a settled purpose here.
  • You live within the practice area.

Please return your form together with copies of your passport, utility bill and if appropriate, a current work permit.

Once your eligibility has been established your registration will proceed.

Please ensure that your contact details are correct in case we need further information in connection with your registration.

You will need to complete one of these forms for each person you wish to register with our Practice. Those fields marked with an * are required.