Patient Participation Group (PPG)

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What is a PPG?

A patient participation group is attached to each practice to ensure patients and carers are involved in decisions about the range, shape and quality of services provided by their practice.

How can the Group help you?

It is always difficult to improve something which is already highly respected, as is the case with Belton Surgery, but the role of an effective PPG includes:

  • Being a critical friend to the practice.
  • Advising the practice on the patient perspective and providing insight into the responsiveness and the quality of services.
  • Encouraging patients to take greater responsibility for their own and their family’s health.
  • Carrying out research into the views of those who use the practice.
  • Organising health promotion events and improve health literacy.
  • Ongoing communication with the patient population.

If you wish to commit to our meetings, we will be holding PPG events several times a year, future dates to be confirmed.